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Welcome to the Northern California Chapter of the Hutchinson Bell, the alumni and friends association for Florida College! Our chapter, NorCal Bell, is dedicated to supporting the Florida College NorCal Camp and potential students who wish to attend Florida College.

Our primary objective is to provide financial support to the summer camp program for youth in Northern California. Through hosting events and fundraisers, we hope to generate the necessary funds to help support the ongoing operations of this program. Additionally, we aim to provide financial assistance to students from Northern California who wish to attend Florida College.

We welcome anyone who has an interest in supporting our efforts to join our community.  Thank you for your interest in NorCalBell and our mission to support the NorCal Camp and potential students of Florida College. We look forward to working with you!


Make a monetary donation

directly to our chapter through paypal.

Find out how you can 

help us reach our goals.

Find out more about Florida College Northern California Camp.

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